Selling Your Land or Business


Are you thinking it’s time to SELL?  There are endless details to be addressed in order to get the Best Result from your sale:  That’s why you need professionals to help you through the process. 

To sell your property, you may want to choose your Attorney, CPA, the guy who sold you your house, or cousin Fred, but they don’t market and sell complicated properties such as farms and businesses every day.  This takes a professional broker, one who specialized in the commodity you desire to sell.

At IPP we are experienced farmers, businessmen, and investment professionals with diverse experience in agriculture and corporate business.

With most brokers all they offer is a “marketing plan”, meaning ‘where they advertise’.  We WON’T just place a FOR SALE sign and wait for the phone to ring, we work to get it SOLD …. At IPP Associates, WE DO MORE to help you sell:

  • Determine the value of your property or business, preplanning expenses and tax implications
  • Provide options for marketing and sales strategies attracting buyers willing to offer Top Dollar
  • Support development and compiling data needed to sell and support due diligence
  • Evaluate and market the top buyers and prospects, nationwide, bringing buyers to you.
  • Provide you tax elimination strategies, allowing you keep more money from your sale
  • Be in front of negotiations allowing you to avoid the turmoil of the negotiating process
  • Handle the details of finalizing the sale contract and sale closing.

Selling Alternatives, whether you prefer a Private Sale, Auction, Advertised Listing, Trade or Other Sale Method, IPP has a sale and marketing alternative for RESULTS.  Some clients prefer anonymity when selling and want no advertising and complete confidentiality.  Others, want a quick sale in 30 days, and for them, Auction is a great alternative – we can do that as well.  For those that want a conventional sale, we have a vast presence on the internet and social media throughout the US.  Plus, we advertise weekly nationwide, with featured properties and services in agricultural, investment, and industry specific publications and e-platforms.

Relationships are maintained  with the top farm operators and investors both foreign and domestic and we utilize industry professionals: such as bankers, attorneys, land appraisers, and hundreds of farm and business brokers from coast to coast to locate the perfect buyer.   Of course, there is no substitute for boots on the ground, so we visit the local farmers and agribusiness' in the area of our listings – the locals know who is buying or, looking to add land to their portfolio.  There is no ‘single way’ to market your property, so we do them all.

Services set us apart from other firms especially when it comes to Tax Savings.  We’ll assist you with IRS 1031 Tax Deferred Starker Exchanges, or programs to completely Eliminate Paying Capital Gains Taxes IPP is your one source to offer you the Best in Service and Best in Value for your sale.

Need an Investor to buy your land in exchange for a long term lease back option?  IPP has many investors looking for all types of farmland investments in trade for a fair return. Plus, by selling we can show you how to double the value of your farm for your family. Contact your IPP Broker to discuss alternative options that can help you grow your operation.